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Things I Love Thursday

  • The fact that this week is almost OVER – Yes, I realise how negative that statement sounds and a more positive way of wording it could have been something along the lines of ‘it’s almost the weekend‘, but fuck it. I have had enough of this week, and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.
  • Designing a ‘PMS (PMDD) monster – If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I get pretty bad PMS, and that I sometimes (a lot of the time) let it get the better of me. Anyway, Phillip and I were talking about it and we decided that I would design (and he would make) a felt plushie monster, I plan on making it as weird/ugly looking as I can.
  • @Liletina – Even though she can be a bit scary at times (“I love you so much, if you knew how much I loved you it would probably scare you“), she is awesome and I love her to bits (as evidenced by the number of times she has featured in a TILT post on this blog over the past month).
  • Little Things – The ‘Keep Calm & Carry On‘ mug that I bought (I think I need to remember this when I get as stressed out as I have been the past week), the cheap nail polish I bought from the chemist (it didn’t chip for two whole days!), Phillip (he has been MORE than amazing considering how frazzled I have been); and coming up with new ideas for blog features/posts (sadly, I haven’t had the time to do any of it, hopefully I’ll get some work done over the weekend).
  • Listening to:

30 Days Of Me: Day 26/30

What do I think about my friends? Obviously that they’re all amazing, wonderful, lovely people, otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with them! Here are some photos of some of them:

Arawhetu, Carol, Erin, Bobby; and Jess

Erin, Carol, me; and Jess

Me with Anu

30 Days Of Me: Day 25/30

What would you find in my bag? This prompt is pretty timely as my first post, way back in July was a ‘what’s in my bag‘ post and I had wanted to make posts like this a regular (seasonal) kind of thing.
If you check that post out, you will notice two things a) that I am using the same bag (I’m getting pretty sick of it, but it’s roomy and can hold a lot of stuff), and b) that I have a lot more stuff in my bag
Everything is in ziplock bags so nothing gets lost
In my bag: CDs I bought today from the second-hand store, cellphone, baby wipes, oriental print bag, makeup bag, tampons, lucas pawpaw ointment, lush: breath of fresh air toner, frangipani solid perfume, compact mirror, nail polish, kenzo: summer perfume, Panadol, cough medicine; and vicks vapor rub. I also usually have a notebook, my hipster PDA and a couple of pens and my wallet…

30 Days Of Me: Day 24/30

I’m not going to do today’s prompt (write a letter to your parents), as I am a firm believer that there is such a thing as over-sharing and some stuff just shouldn’t be posted online.

Music Monday

Wonderful – CunningLynguists ft. Devin The Dude

All That You Are – The Foreign Exchange ft. Median

There’s A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

There Goes The Fear – Doves

30 Days Of Me: Day 23/30

I thought that today’s prompt was going to be hard, I had thought that because since I no longer smoke (18 months in October!) and I have cut back on my coffee intake that there isn’t really much I crave a lot of, turns out I was wrong… It would seem that I crave a lot of affection and attention…

via: Juliana Coutinho

30 Days Of Me: Day 22/30

What makes me different from everybody else? This prompt is pretty fucking stupid (vague) if you ask me, I mean aside from the obvious: DNA and characteristics that other people have, but combined make me unique? Not a whole lot.

I just realised how angry that sounded, but I’m PMSingΒ right now and can’t be bothered/think of anything that ‘sets me apart’ from everybody else. I guess if I scrape the barrel hard enough though, I can think of a couple of things that may set apart from the masses (I say may because I’m guessing the first one probably wont).

  • I have a scar on each of my knees: I got the first scar (right knee) when I was 15 after I tripped and fell down the steps in the entranceway of my old high school and I got the second scar last year (incidentally 10 years after scarring knee number one) when I tripped over the curb on the way to work (even though it’s been over a year it’s still slightly bruised).
  • My name: I’m pretty sure no one else has my name (first middle and last). I am so sure that no one else has my name that if I meet someone with it I will eat my hat (unless they changed their name just so they could see me eat a hat, in which case I’d punch them in the face).
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