Real Talk: Writing


I have been wanting to get back into writing for a long time, but have never really gotten around to doing it…

Sure I have started and deleted numerous blogs, all with good intentions ∧ full of wonderful and magical ideas about the types of things I waned to post about, how I wanted my blogs to look and how I wanted to come across to readers, but I have always let it fall to the wayside.

I justify this by telling myself two things: I don’t have anything to write about, and I don’t have enough time. It’s all bullshit though, I have tonnes of ideas running through my head, things I would love to post about and if I really wanted I would make the time.

The truth is I’m scared, I’m scared that my writing is going to suck and I’m going to come off as sounded retarded and Im scared that no one’s going to read my entries, even though I’m writing because I want to and not for anyone else.

Last night’s dream was the kick in the ass I needed, in it my dad was having a breakdown about how the travel journal he was writing wasn’t coming along and how he was really down on it and wanted to give up.

He told me that he didn’t want to show his friends the stuff he had written in the fear that they would laugh at him and he didn’t want to give it to his friends to pass on to publishers because he was embarrassed about it and was scared of the rejection letters he knew he was going to receive. He also said that he was suffering from major writer’s block and even though he knew what he wanted to say and how he wanted it worded when it came down to it he just couldn’t get it out.

He then asked me what I thought he should do (I am pretty sure it was my inner voice trying to bitch slap me into action)

  • Write with honesty, integrity and passion – your story is unique, let people know the real you. You don’t need imitate other styles of writing and you don’t need to sugar coat your writing either (I’m always getting told off by my mother for doing the latter because I am scared of what people might think of me using words like: fuck and shit).
  • Start a blog, try to post at least twice a week.
  • Keep a ‘paper’ journal, write in it daily – don’t proof read your entries!
  • Keep a notebook and jot down everything that comes into your head throughout the day – don’t rip out the pages of your notebook if you don’t like the way you’ve written it down!
  • Write about something, anything for 15 minutes daily WITHOUT stopping! (Even if you suddenly worded what you just wrote better in your head – you can go over it afterwards)
  • SHARE YOUR WRITING WITH YOUR FRIENDS – learn to accept praise as well as criticism.
  • shamelessly self promote – I know in NZ we suffer from tall poppy syndrome quite a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with telling the world how awesome you are!

It’s time for me to stop lying to myself and saying that I don’t have enough time  to write, when all I really do with my time  is look  ‘inspirational’ pictures on tumblr and tweeting, and It’s time for me to stop saying I have nothing to write about when I’m really just scared.

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure – Sven Goran Eriksson

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