The Mad Bad Flu


I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It turns out I do have the #madbadflu as well as a throat infection (I have penicillin for the throat infection, not much I can do about the flu aside from take it easy and rest).

While it sucks being sick, my throat hurts like a bitch, I am bored out of my mind, I’m going to miss my nephew’s first birthday because I don’t want to risk him getting sick again (I feel like such a bad aunty, but the last time he had the flu it was pretty bad; he ended up being hospitalised because they thought he might have had pneumatic fever); and I could quite possibly kill Phillip if we are forced to spend any more time together – being sick has had it’s plus sides (namely getting sleep). 

  • Being able to sleep – I usually have a hard time getting to sleep, and when I finally fall asleep I’m not really asleep. I’m usually half asleep/awake-ish, and I keep moving around, talking and waking up throughout the night. Being sick has meant that ALL I want to do/can do is sleep which has been brilliant!
  • Online TV/movies – As I said in my Things I Love Thursday post I have almost watched all of season 5 of Ghost Whisperer (I think I have about four shows left), and have caught up on some Family Guy episodes. I have also rented some movies from the iTunes store… God I love vege-ing out.
  • My mum -She’s awesome! She picked me up from the doctor’s office and drove me home (home is less than a 5 minutes walk away), and gave me some soup for dinner which she had made for Phillip and I as we were supposed to be going around to her house for dinner tonight. So lovely and wonderful to have people make you dinner when you’re sick! The only downside to seeing her was that she didn’t want to come anywhere near me/touch me because she was shit scared she would get the flu.
  • New reading materials – Even though I haven’t seen the movie I just bought volume 1 of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and I am really excited to start reading it.

I have also found out there are quite a lot of things that I need to remember when I’m sick:

  • Just because I don’t feel hot doesn’t mean I’m not running a fever/temperature.
  • Keeping up my fluid intake is VERY important (my lips are chapped and it’s gross).
  • Make sure you get the rest you need (I wanted to go to work yesterday/today because I have felt bad taking time off (I now have a throat infection, going to work today probably wouldn’t have been the best idea!).
  • And most importantly, if you’re home sick with your partner please try your best not to annoy the shit out of each other!!

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