Things I Love Thursday


Yay! It’s Thing I Love Thursday time! Although I am a bit gutted I haven’t been able to post much the last couple of days, even though I have had quite a few blog posts up my sleeve that I have really wanted to write. It’s just that the last couple of days (as with a lot of people I follow on twitter) I have been in bed with the #madbadflu.

This means as much as I have wanted to I haven’t had the energy to sit down and write – I won’t say time, because I have had PLENTY of that, it has just been spend doing things that don’t require much thinking: watching onlline tv, reading blogs, playing flash games (cringe, I know); and sleeping.

Anyway, enough babbling… Here are the things that have helped make my week a bit more bearable

  • (Finally) figuring out what I want my next tattoo to be – and then realising that a friend of mine has the same design in mind. Not sure when I’ll get it as I don’t really have much money until I get my teeth pulled in October, so I’m guessing it will probably be at the end of the year during my break.
  • Catching up with friend I haven’t seen in ages – I can’t believe I hadn’t seen L all year, even though she lives in same city! That’s pretty lame right? Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of each other and will be going on a road-trip sometime this year.
  • Online TV – I have pretty much watched all of season 5 of Ghost Whisperer while I’ve been home sick, as well as catching up on some Family Guy episodes. I love how I can just turn my mind off and drift away…
  • Little Things: Twisties (my go to junk food, which are (thankfully) gluten-free), Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (swingified), honey/lemon/ginger for the throat, my wonderful boyf ringing to see if he could get my money back after an online order failed by my card still got charged, this post on creating the life you want from some of the world’s best bloggers, finding new blogs to add to my ‘must read’ blog list while I’ve been home, finding out my nephew (who will be one this weekend) looks at an old photo of me, starts laughing and then says ‘aunty!’ while pointing at me (SO cute! ), drinks with dad, his gf and my boyf on a Friday night, baby wipes (OMG they feel so refreshing!), Strepsils, Panadol; and getting so much sleep (that has definitely been the upside to being sick).

Anyway, that’s all from me this week, although hopefully I’ll be well enough to post a proper post over the weekend. About to take a mini-nap before my doctor’s appointment this afternoon (I’m hoping for some more gees linctus fingerscrossed).

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