Reminding Myself That I’m Awesome

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I need to be kinder to myself, A LOT kinder.
The thing is, even though I deep down I know that I’m awesome, intelligent, beautiful; and have a lot to offer, most of the time I just feel like I’m not good enough and I never will be.

Anyway, as part of Operation: Bubbly Bubbles I have decided to set myself a ‘self-love challenge’, to see if being kinder to myself and changing the way I feel about/view myself will help change the way others see me/I see others. I’m going to kick this whole self love thing off by posting a poem my sister @Liletina wrote – God I love her. 

From sister to sister

I look up to you in awe
Your face holds so much beauty
Is it that you do not think so?
You are a friend one would be lucky to have
Yet are you aware?

I see you through me eyes and see amazement
But I take a look through the glasses you wear
and view you differently
I see a magnificent lady
worried of bad appearance, worried of being unloved
afraid of growing old and having nothing to live for
I force the squared frames from my eyes
For what i have just seen through the frames of those glasses
I know to be untrue

You are someone I love to hug
Love to talk to
Love to hang out with
You are my friend

it is a skill to see who you are through glasses of truth
learn this skill

You are truly amazing
I sincerely love you

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