Biting The Bullet: A Week To Go…

wisdom teeth, getting my wisdom teeth removed, wisdom teeth removal, fear

One of my first posts here was about how I had finally decided to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and how scared I was about the whole thing. Anyway, with just under a week to go I thought that it would be a good idea to post a little update and let you know how I’m feeling now. 

Having the teeth pulled: Right now I’m surprisingly calm (also a bit excited), this may change and I could turn into a complete basket case either the day/a couple of hours beforehand, but at the moment I’m kind of looking forward to it (after last week’s dramas it’s probably more the week off though, to be honest).

The Money: I am pretty proud of myself as I saved the money required, plus a bit extra (this should cover dentist time as that wasn’t on the quote I was given, and a few of the days I will be taking off work as I don’t have any sick/annual leave left). I managed to save $2k in three months, and it just goes to show that if I put my mind to it anything is possible (except maybe winning idol, but then again I know I can’t sing). The one thing that sucks about the whole thing though is the cost of my medicine (painkillers/antibiotics), I bought them today and as they were unsubsidised it was almost $100… I’m going to be pretty poor next week, but I am going to be at home not doing anything, so I guess it doesn’t really matter!

So, less than a week to go! Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures of my swollen face after surgery but if the laptop is off getting fixed I may not be able to.

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