Making It Happen: Transformation Challenge


I’ve spent a lot of time today reading articles on the Oprah website (don’t judge me), and something that really stood out for me was the ‘I’m Making It‘ challenge, which I have decided to take on. So far there are 18 weeks worth of daily activities (I haven’t read them all yet), and instead of doing the challenges day by day I am going to try do them throughout October (I know that I have set personal challenges before and then nothing about it, but there is something about this one. I also think it will be incredibly helpful in my mission to be happier and more loving toward myself). Anyway, here is a list of what I have so farĀ 

  • Make a ‘make it happen‘ journal: I know that I can’t create a journal daily, but it’s important, as I will be writing my thoughts, feelings, ideas; goals and resolutions in it. I’m also going to be using this journal as my self-love bible and have renamed it ‘SELF love: Making IT happen‘.
  • Write a list of things I believe in paying close attention to themes and patterns: Don’t censor myself, pay close attention to themes and patterns and use the list as a way of working out what matters to me.
  • Make nice to myself: To me this means doing nice things for myself that make me feel good as well as making a conscious effort to be kind to myself when something goes wrong or I’m stressed.
  • Find quotes that inspire: I am going to print/write these out and post them in prominent places so I will see them all the time (in my journal, on my monitor at work, on my printer at work, basically anywhere I will be sure to see them on a regular basis – words have power!).
  • Make time to rest: This is a biggie for me, because I never rest when I’m tired or need to take a break, and I always end up getting incredibly frustrated/frazzled.
  • Make a list of what my prefect day would look like and make the effort to live it: I know that nothing is perfect and my perfect day won’t go exactly the way I plan, but I can make an effort to do at least some of the things on the list and have the best day possible (this weekend for example was up there).
  • Make a toast to myself: I’m going to do this daily as part of my morning routine while I’m getting ready for work. I’m not too sure what my toast is going to bet yet, but t it will be something along the lines of ‘you’re fucking awesome, have a great day and by the way I LOVE YOU!
  • List everything I would love to do but ‘don’t have the time’ for.
  • Make a picture of how I spend my time, then do at least one of the things from the list above: I mean if I’m going to be honest, I spent a lot time doing shit that doesn’t really matter/I don’t care about. Time to prioritise my life!
  • Spend 30 minutes organising your space: Because I have been rather down lately my room was an absolute mess, so I decided that this was one of the first things do, and I’m already feeling a lot better.
  • Make a list of ‘things I know for sure‘.
  • Make a list of things that make me smile: I did something similar to this a few years ago called ‘100 things that make me happy – money aside’, and it’s probably one of the things I’m most excited about. I’ll be sure to post my list as soon as I’m done, it will be EPIC TILT!
  • Make a list of things that make me sad and work out ways to turn sadness into gladness
  • Read through more of the activities this week and post more things I am going to do this month.

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