Making It Happen: Transformation Challenge

I posted about the ‘making it happen‘ challenge on Sunday and how I was going to give it a go to see if it would make me a happier, more positive/optimistic person who was absolutely besotted with myself by the end of October.

For some reason, out of all the self-imposed challenges I have set myself this one is the one that has gotten me really excited (perhaps it’s because it’s endorsed by Oprah…), and I wanted to share some of the I have started doing 

  • Making a toast to myself in the morning: Turns out saying something like ‘don’t worry about it, you’re going to rock this shit’ is a great way to calm the nerves if I wake up stressed about something.
  • Writing a daily gratitude list: I’ve been aiming for a least five things a day, and I figure that even if I’ve had an incredibly shitty day there is always something (no matter how little) to be grateful for (I am also hoping that by doing this I will be able to bulk up my TILT posts a bit).
  • Planning how I see my week going on Sunday and weekly resolutions/goals: This week’s resolutions are to keep calm, remember to take a proper lunch break (eating in front of the computer while sort of working is NOT a proper lunch break, I need to get out of the office!), exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, eat healthier, drink lots of water (you would be disgusted by the amount of water I drink); and be more positive.
  • Learning not to take things personally: If I go out of my way to rectify a problem I made, or to help someone and they start acting like a dick, it’s not my problem – you have no idea how liberating that is.
  • Writing the ‘I believe in‘ list: The most important things to me so far seem to be relationships (friendships and romantic), spirituality, that words have power, karma and integrity.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, hopefully I’ll post some more stuff tomorrow.


  1. Em @ LickMyCupcakes says:

    I love this. Way to be positive! Half of me wants to start a new goal like this, but half of me is thinking, fuck this- make your own rules! I tend to start out really well on things like this but eventually it becomes another stress if I start to fall behind- I feel like Im letting myself down. Right now I’m concentrating on living life day to day, worry-free, and eliminating negative things from my life :) <3

    • xoxBubbles says:

      Hehe, yeah I’m using the Oprah thing as a guideline and making everything else up as I go along, some of the stuff they have as activities are pretty tedious and as much as I love growing I really don’t want to become a mentor, which I think is their ultimate goal…

      Also, yay for eliminating the negative from life, I’ve started doing that (again), and it’s great <3

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