Hooray For Humpday

Awesome things are awesome (obviously), and this week has been filled with lots of little slices of awesome. So here are the things that have made my week. In no particular order: The zoo trip with Phillip and ‘The Patricks’, ‘The Patricks’ (also known as P1 and P2… they are seriously the cutest couple EVER), early morning weekend coffee with mum, dinner with dad and Nuki, SackBoy, secondhand stores (I know I’ve posted about secondhand stores pretty much every week for the past month but there are some bargains to be bought!), teefury.com (my Doctor Who t-shirt arrived on Monday and I’m waiting for my Zombie Potter tee to be printed and shipped); and dad dropping in to visit me at work to say goodbye before he heads off for five weeks in Papua New Guinea.

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