It’s The Little Things <3

On Tuesday during my lunch break I lost my wallet (I wasn’t even drunk). My wallet contained: 

  • The access card to my apartment building.
  • Keys to the apartment (my boyfriend and I will have to get new locks and keys cut as our keys are safety keys and although they don’t have the address of our apartment building on them, they do have our apartment number).
  • EFTPOS and debit cards (both have been cancelled and a new debit card is on the way, although I did have to do it by phone using my phone banking login as I no longer have photo ID and couldn’t do it at the bank. The guy at the bank seemed incredibly annoyed with me when I asked about cancelling my cards, I have no idea why though, seeing as he isn’t the one who needs to cancel/replace everything).
  • 18+ card (which I used as my photo ID as I don’t have a license. I’ve printed out the form to reapply for an 18+ card, and I’ll need to have ID photos taken as soon as my new debit card arrives).
  • My snapper sprat (paying full fare on the bus sucks).
  • Library card .
  • A card with my IRD number.
  • A fuck load of loyalty cards.

Losing my wallet pissed me off (more at myself than anything else – because even though I haven’t lost anything in a while, I used to do it all the time), and stressed me out to the point of tears. It also reminded me about how important the little things are, how awesome my friends and family are, and how lucky I am to have them in my life.


  • After talking to my mum, she called my brother and had him come down to see me at work to give me $10 so I could get the bus home as I didn’t have my snapper card. He ended up hanging out with me for the last two hours at work, I’m so grateful he kept me company, because I was the only person downstairs and would have gone batshit if he wasn’t there.
  • Pizza for dinner at home – OM NOM NOM NOM


  • The bus-driver on the way to work misheard me when I told him I needed to go 3 zones, and charged me for 2 – I went up to pay the extra fair when I realised and he told me not to worry about it and to just take my seat.
  • I cancelled/suspended the loyalty cards I was able to and I had a new coffee card sent out to me. There’s a $5 replacement fee for misplaced coffee cards, so I emailed asking about what the best way to pay for a new one was, and was told not to worry about it.
  • I hung out with some friends I hadn’t seen for a while at Mishmosh, and the lovely Miss L bought me a couple of drinks (great company and cider, who could ask for more?)
  • I talked to mum on the phone today, and she offered to give my $20, because I’ve helped her out a lot recently. I told her not to worry about as I have enough money to get to and from work until my debit card arrives and would rather have lunch with her tomorrow instead.
I guess mum was right, instead of being pissed off at myself I should take losing my wallet as an opportunity to feel loved, and let the people around me let me know I’m loved. I’ve also realised (as I do all the time) that I stressed out way too much…
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  1. bigtimesensualitynz says:

    Wow. I’m really glad you shared all that hun. Talk about having an amazing attitude! I don’t think I would have handled it as well as you have. You’re right though – it’s SO easy to forget about the little things that are actually more important… :)

    • xoxBubbles says:

      Hey lovely, thanks for the comment :)

      I couldn’t sleep at all on Tuesday night, I kept on dreaming about my wallet and woke up really stressed/depressed and I honestly think if it wasn’t for all the little slices of amaze I would have totally lost it :/

    • xoxBubbles says:

      Not the boyfriend aye?! If I didn’t know who you really were I’d tell you to go fuck yourself… actually, you can still go fuck yourself :)

      Also, I haven’t been too bad, I’m pretty sure I’ve been worse over smaller things…

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