Hooray For Humpday

Hooray for humpday is a day late this week, I came home early from work yesterday with a migraine and then spent most of the day in bed. I guess seeing as this is going up on a Thursday it’s technically Things I Love Thursday, but I love the whole “yay it’s humpday, we’ve made it to the middle of the week” thing. 

Pain in the ass (well, more pain in the head I guess) migraine aside, this has been a pretty awesome week; here’s why: the burgers of awesome (I wish I could eat these everyday), hanging out with the girls and staying up until the early hours then falling asleep watching Shaun Of The Dead, Sunday coffee with Sitharus, Roxyleopold and Eey0re, coming up with ridiculous ideas for apps and then finding out that they already exist, hilariously disturbing QOTDs, Harry Potter pickup lines (my favourites so far are: My name ain’t Luna, but I sure do love good, if you show me your wand I’ll show you my golden snitch and I’d love to put my basilisk in your chamber of secrets), the Sorted Food cooking channel on youtube (the guys are hilarious), THIS blog post by Ryan Lamont, my new merino dress, orange beef (OMG, delicious), funny signs outside stores, re-watching the Gollum/Smeagol/Andy Serkis acceptance speech at the MTV movie awards, my new bag arriving from once’it; and the new Ernest Adams gluten-free range (the raspberry slice is soooooo good)

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