What’s In My Bag: Winter 2011 Edition

I know I’ve been rather slack with the what’s in my bag posts, I mean the last one I did was almost a year ago. I also know that winter is almost over, but decided to do this post anyway 

Inside my bag:

  • Red faux snake skin wallet from Glassons
  • Keep Calm Cary On pencil tin
  • Pink limited edition Pacman 30th Anniversary moleskine
  • Apartment access card, key, snapper card and various keyrings
  • Keep Calm Carry On first aid kit
  • Scully’s Gardner’s hand cream
  • Keep Calm Carry On water canister
  • My ‘seven year’ pen
  • Tictacs
  • Le’Esscience essential oils. I currently have a headache & migraine blend, depression & anxiety blend and a headache & migraine synergy in my bag

Inside my first aid kit

  • Lust perfume from Lush
  • Gauze, bandaids, tape, scissors, tweezers
  • Panadol
  • Cherry Savex
  • Maybelline Baby Lips in smoothing cherry (doesn’t really taste like cherry at all)
  • Hello Kitty lip balm in cherry (I’m all about the cherry)
  • More gauze
  • Give blood thing I was given

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