Hooray For Humpday

I’ve just had dinner, and for some reason I’m feeling pretty shit, so I decided what better way to pick myself out than share the things that have added sprinkles of a-maze to my week (which, by the way was pretty fucking awesome – definitely better than last week). 

  • I bought a domain over the weekend – I now own www.xoxbubbles.com; I’m pretty stoked! I have wanted to buy a domain for a while, and decided while sitting in bed on Saturday night that the time had finally come.
  • My brother got paroled – Got a text from mum this morning, who had gone up for his parole hearing, saying that he’ll be home on the 21st.
  • Getting *that* blog post written and published – I had been wanting to write about depression for a while, but kept on putting it off, I was just really scared about what people would think, or how they’d react, but you know what? Fuck it.
  • Secondhand store scores – this week I have bought four dresses (one of which I gave to my mum), boots, a skirt and a bag (I spend far too much money, but all of this was under $40).
  • The How of Happiness – I got lent this book, and wrote this blog post about it yesterday; definitely worth a read, and definitely one of the most practical – doesn’t make me want to throw something against a wall – self-help books out there.
  • Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott – Anne Lamott is one of my favourite writers; I read her book Grace (Eventually) a few of years ago and fell in love with her honesty, so when I found out she had a book on writing I had to by it. So far, so good.
  • The Weather: It feels as if summer is on the way – Hey Wellington, you have been amazing the past few days, please keep it up.
  • The Little Things – My china glaze order from NZSale arrived on Friday (this stuff is amazing, I’ve worn spontaneous since Saturday and it hasn’t chipped), having a friend name my wifi access point as well as giving it a password (best name/password ever), hanging out with mum, having awesome friends, talking to Carol on the phone (I miss her loads, and need to see her soon), friends who lend me their books, the cute baby seal that was on the waterfront on Sunday, Doctor Who Sunday (it’s my favourite part of the week), new record stores, chocolate coated coffee beans, compliments on how my skin has been looking lately, my new tights, getting a good night’s sleep, waking up and feeling well rested; and the fact that we’re midway through the week.
Also, just because I can:

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