Birthday Week (and a bit)

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to doing it; I figure if I don’t do it now it’s never going to be posted and I really wanted to share how awesome this birthday has been.

Friday 3rd February

My birthday week (and a bit) started on Friday; Whiona came down from Otaki with Tumoana and her mum and we hung out in the sun at Plum where we had coffee and morning tea/an early lunch (I had fruit salad) and watched Tumoana play in the playground. While were having coffee Whi gave me my presents, and it’s safe to say I was spoiled this year, she got me: a mosaic mirror, a necklace and a mosaic bowl (which I should, apparently, use as an ashtray). After hanging out at Plum we went to Civic Square, where Tumoana ran around some more. After hanging out at Civic Square I headed off for a job interview (do I look nervous in that photo? Because I was shitting myself).

Tuesday 7th February

Tuesday was my actual birthday, and even though I was tired as all hell (I almost fell asleep while hanging out with mum – oops), I still had a fantastic day; I spent the afternoon with mum, we had lunch at Tussock Bar and CafĂ© at Massey University, and I had the most amazing kumara salad ever (seriously, nothing compares to this salad, it was that good). After lunch we drove to Cupcakes in Miramar so mum could get me a gluten-free cupcake, sadly, they only sell gluten-free cupcakes over the weekend unless you put in a request the day before, so I got a teaspoon (SO CUTE) and a cupcake soap instead (what am I going to do with the cupcake soap? It looks too pretty to use!). I spent the evening at a work training session going over our Valentine’s Day products and I almost cried because they had baked a gluten-free cake and had bought me a charm bracelet with a K on it as well as a mall voucher (I LOVE the people I work with, they’re the best), I also got to pick up a gift and card an old workmate had sent me (the gift was a pen & notebook, more stationery!!!). After training I went home and had a birthday dinner: haloumi, basil pesto on fried toast (mmmm haloumi)

Wednesday 8th February

I spent the day in Otaki with Whiona and it was fantastic, seriously, the sunniest day I’ve had this summer (only took an hour’s train ride to get some sun). We had lunch at dad’s, as well as the most intense talk EVER, it was good though, because we all got a lot off our chests; it’s onwards and upwards fro here baby! While we were there dad gave me my birthday presents, which were: a parker pen inscribed with my name, and THE BEST journal ever (did I mention I was spoiled?). After lunch we picked Tumoana up from Kohanga, and then went back to dad’s and hung watching Dora The Explorer for a while (Tumoana LOVES Diego). After hanging out with dad, we went back to Whi’s and had dinner; I caught the train home later that evening.

Thursday 9th February

I worked Thursday night, so during my break I went to The Body Shop and bought myself a bottle of White Musk Libertine, as I had been eyeing it up for most of the week (it smells divine, and I was stoked to find out that because it was my birthday week and I have a loyalty card I was entitled to an in-store discount). While at work I also picked myself up some of the ‘A Million Kisses‘ lip tint Lush has brought out this Valentine’s Day, and I’m so glad I did (I wasn’t sure how well a Rose flavoured lip tint would go down, but it tastes like Turkish Delight, I LOVE IT). When I got home from work, I found a present my sister Tina had left for me sitting on the kitchen table; I opened it to find it was the same journal dad had bought me, Whi reckons them getting me the same present is pretty awkward, I reckon it’s hilarious (seriously though, how the hell much do I complain about people?!).

Friday 10th February

On Friday I had a joint birthday dinner with a couple of friends at The Flying Burrito Brothers, it was a great night – great company (even though we were spread out over three tables so it was really hard to talk to a few of the people I really wanted to catch up with), great food (mmmm tostada) and pretty average margaritas (their margaritas always seem to disappoint, they’re no La Boca Loca, that’s for sure). I also got some pretty awesome presents which included All My Friends Are Dead and a Devon Smith print (isn’t it pretty?). After dinner I headed home and crashed out because I had work in the morning and needed to get up at 6:30.

This year’s birthday week (and a bit) ends tomorrow, Carol is taking me out for a birthday lunch and I can’t wait. I have been REALLY spoiled this year – not just in terms of stuff people have given me, but in terms of the amount of love I have received; I have been truly blessed this year to have such awesome/wonderful people in my life

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