Hooray For Humpday

Happy Wednesday Everybody! We’ve made it to the middle of the (working) week; it’s also the part of the week where I share the things that have made me smile and that I’m grateful for with you guys¬†

  • Getting the same birthday present from my dad and one of my sisters – I got home from work on Thursday to find that my sister had brought my present over, I opened it and cracked up laughing, as it was the same journal my dad had bought me. I LOVE IT! On a serious note, how much do I complain about people?!
  • A combined birthday dinner with friends – It was a great night with great food and company (I also got some awesome presents).
  • Sunday afternoon coffee with Phillip and Rochelle – We had coffee at Deluxe, along with THE BEST gluten-free caramel slice EVER.
  • Getting ‘mad props‘ in the monthly newsletter work sends out – I was so excited when I saw that, actually, excited is probably a bit mild for what I was.
  • The little things: Getting AMAZING (and incredibly helpful) feedback after an interview, email conversations with friends, Skyrim (I think I’m addicted), having a boyfriend who buys me ‘bad‘ food when I’m sad; the feeling I get when I’ve made someone’s day


    • xoxBubbles says:

      The journal is fantastic, I love that the quotes (Hell Is Other People) and that you can rate people based on how annoying they’re being (thumbs up, peace sign, thumbs down, the fingers)

      The past week has been pretty good, this year is shaping up to be the best so far, and I’m ready :)

      Hope you have a great week, and that the move goes well xx

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