Hooray For Humpday: Birthday Week Edition

I was going to post this yesterday, but after spending the day with my sister in Otaki I was knackered and ended up playing Skyrim instead (slack, I know, but I was half asleep).
Anyway, enough excuse making; here are the things that have made my week thus far:

  • Spending time with Whiona – she came down to see me (and gave me my early birthday presents) on Friday; it was great to catch up with her because I hadn’t seen her in ages, and I caught the train to Waikanae and hung out with her at her house in Otaki yesterday.
  • Visual puns, and the fact my mother ‘gets me – I absolutely adore the teaspoon she got me for my birthday.
  • Working with amazing people – we had training on Tuesday night, and they had made a gluten-free birthday cake for me, and had bought me a bracelet with a K on it.
  • GelatoPhillip and I took a walk along the waterfront on Monday because I was getting irritated at dickheads blasting insanely shitty music at an insanely loud volume, and stopped to get gelato on the way; it melted all over my top, but it was delicious.
  • Birthday lunch with mum – We had pumpkin salad and fries; the fries were okay, the pumpkin salad was amazing.
  • Sunshine – the weather in Wellington has been okay-ish; it was fucking beautiful in Otaki.
  • Talks that go well – my sister and I had a talk to our dad while we were in Otaki, it went well.
  • Things to look forward to – I’m having a joint birthday dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night, and I can’t wait; I’m really hanging out for some tostada.

It was a beautiful day in Otaki


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