Easy Chocolate Mousse

I don’t think I can say this enough, but here it goes: I LOVE sorted food (their recipes are easy as hell and delicious as all fuck). When they uploaded their chocolate mousse video (one of my favourite desserts) I had to give it a try, so of course when my boyfriend came home from the supermarket on Saturday with chocolate, cream and a tray of eggs* that’s exactly what we did.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys, because who doesn’t love mousse? 

250g chocolate (we used Whittaker’s 33% Creamy milk chocolate)
100ml milk
1 orange, zested (I’m not a huge chocolate orange fan, so we skipped this bit**)
280ml cream (for all those non New Zealanders cream is exactly the same thing as double cream/whipping cream)
3 large egg whites***

Break the chocolate up into small pieces and then melt until silky smooth (you can do this by either double boiling the chocolate, or microwaving it – just remember to stir once every 10 seconds if you use the microwave). Zest the orange into the melted chocolate and set aside to cool slightly. In a different bowl whip the cream until soft peaks form and then set aside. In a clean, dry bowl whisk the egg whites together until stiff peaks form. Carefully fold the melted chocolate into the cream and then do the same with the egg whites. Divide into individual glasses, dishes or cups and then chill in the fridge for at least four hours***.

  • I didn’t even ask him to buy the stuff, he just did – that boy is a keeper!
    ** Which is weird, because I LOVE Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
    *** While the mousse we had the day we made it was good, the one we left in the fridge overnight was far better.

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