Homemade Almond Milk

I LOVE almond milk, and I’ve always wondered how it’s made (as dirty as this is going sound, my mind always goes: How the hell do you milk nuts (immature giggle)

I just couldn’t seem to figure it out;  so over the weekend I decided to find some recipes and give it a go. I’ve made two batches so far, and I was surprised at not only at how easy it was to make, but also at how much it tasted like almond milk (I shouldn’t have been surprised that it tasted like almond milk; I mean that was what I was trying to make… It’s just that I doubt myself far too much).

Anyway, here’s the recipe:

1 cup almonds
8 cups water in total (4 are for the actual milk)
2 tsp sugar to sweeten (I’ve made two batches, and prefer brown sugar, although I’m also going to try maple syrup and honey in future batches to see how well they work; you could also have it unsweetened if you prefer)
Splash of vanilla to flavour (optional)

In a large bowl soak the almonds in four cups of water for at least 8 hours. After soaking, drain the water from the almonds and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Place the almonds in a high-speed blender*, along with the remaining 4 cups of water and blend until smooth. Pour the liquid into a large bowl through some cheese cloth*, making sure to squeeze the pulp to wring out any extra milk, and the add the sweetener and vanilla. To store, keep refrigerated in a glass container.

*I also tried a food processor, and it leaked… a lot.
*I’ve been using a mesh piping bag, and that seems to be working fine.


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