A year from now you may wish you had started today: 2013 Goals

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A year ago I posted a list of goals I wanted to achieve in 2012; I completed about half of them, and I’m happy with that. Most of the goals I completed were ones I wanted to do the most (a few were fillers, as I was struggling to come up with a list of 10).

This year, I’ve written another list; I’ve thought longer and harder about this year’s set of goals and would like to complete them all. Which is why I’m sharing them with y’all! I guess, putting them on the internet makes me feel as if I’m accountable to whoever reads this (as well as myself) So, on with the list! 

  1. Start (and complete) an ‘a photo a day’ challenge.
    Last year’s attempt at an ‘a photo a day’ challenge was pretty fail. I don’t think I even made it to the halfway point. I’m going to give it a shot again this year, though because In the words of Aaliyah: If at first you don’t succeed, you can dust yourself off and try again.

  2. Learn how to play Doris.
    I got a Ukulele for Christmas; her name is Doris. At the moment I can play ‘happy birthday’, but I would like to be able to play something else.Ukulele
  3. Get a job.
    I’ve been jobless for a while now, and I’m getting sick of it. I NEED something to do (also, money would be good).

  4. Sort my passport out.
    God knows why I’ve been putting this off for as long as I have been (I lost my old passport in 2004), but I really need to get my shit together and get a new one.

  5. Start planning and saving for a Euro/UK trip.
    I was hoping for a winter 2013 trip to the UK so I could see my youngest sister Liletina, but right now 2014 is looking more likely, but it’s never too early to start planning/saving.

  6. Get out of Wellington more often.
    While talking to my boyfriend the other day, I realised I have some serious wanderlust. Sure I live in the ‘coolest little capital‘, but I’m getting tired of it; I need a break. I don’t need a huge holiday or much time away, I’m sure visiting my dad more often in Otaki will be enough to suffice my wanderlusting needs while I job hunt and save for bigger adventures.

  7. Get another tattoo.
    I’ve got one tattoo, and I’ve been wanting to get another for a while. I’m just not sure what I want.

  8. Write/blog more.
    At the beginning of each year, I always have plans/ideas in regards to what I want to do with this blog, I just never end up doing any of them. This year, I’m going to change that (or attempt to at the very least). I’m also going to attempt to keep a (paper) journal again; I have a shit-tonne of notebooks I need to use.

  9. Cook/bake more.
    I had thought it would be a cool idea to cook or bake a sorted recipe everyday this year, but I’m not even going to attempt to do that. Because I know I’ll last about a week. I’m going to try to make at least one new thing a week though/blog about the process.

  10. Read more books.
    I used to be a HUGE bookworm as a child. I would stay up all night reading in bed, and spent most of the weekend/school holidays reading whatever books I had gotten out of the library, but since leaving school I haven’t read much at all. Last year I think I read The Hunger Games trilogy and The Fifty Shades trilogy; my brain melted. If anyone has a good book they would like to recommend, please leave a comment; it would be much appreciated!


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