Homemade: Warm Olive Oil Hair Mask


Last year, my hair was wrecked; it was dry as hell and the ends looked like a ratty bird’s nest (it probably wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty bad*). I had almost resigned myself to the fact my hair was breaking off in chunks and now felt like straw, when I found a recipe for a warm olive oil hair mask. I’ve decided to share the recipe with you, because it’s incredible**. 

• Between 2 -5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (I’ve also used grape seed oil, and that seems to work well)
• A few drops of an essential oil or oil blend of your choice (I’ve been using some divine calm relaxing massaging oil from the body shop, and that stuff is amazing. It contains sweet almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil, so it’s gotta be good for your hair).
• Herbs, this is optional. If you’d like to use them in your mask go for lavender, rosemary or thyme.

• Heat the olive oil/essential oil blend for around two minutes (make sure the oil doesn’t boil, I tend to double boil it and then take it off the head once the water has started to boil).
• Add herbs
• Apply the oil to your hair starting at the roots, and massaging the oil all the way through to the tips.
• Cover your head with glad wrap/a shower cap/a plastic bag to ensure the oil stays warm and leave for 1.5 – 2 hours.
• Rinse out with warm water, and then shampoo as usual (you can skip conditioning as the mask works as a deep conditioner).

*I know!! your hair was not good! – kind of bad (that was a response from a friend when we were talking about the state of my hair then vs now).
** Magic, even.


  1. Kelly (@wellreadkitty) says:

    Oh what memories this post provided!

    I’ve always suffered from terrible psoriasis on my scalp. As a child Mum used to make the exact same concoction (minus the herbs) and put on my hair and scalp except I would be gladwrapped up for a whole day. It would soothe my insanely itchy and inflamed scalp while lifting the terrible scaliness and make my hair soft and luxurious – which I needed as the daily psoriasis shampoo would strip my hair of all goodness.

    • Miss Bubbles says:

      It’s a great hair treatment, eh?

      I definitely want to leave it in overnight (so I can see what my hair is like after being wrapped for 6/8hrs). I was surprised at how well it worked at restoring the moisture, because of how wrecked my hair was (no idea how it ended up being so damaged either, it was in way better condition when I was dying it)

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