Music Monday – Covers I Like

music monday

I know I’m trying to be regular with my posting, and this post is a day late, but I was in SUCH a bad mood yesterday that I probably would have posted a whole lot of screamy-bad-mood-fuck-you-playlist type shit. I’m in a better mood now (although, I do feel like a huge dick*), so instead I’ve decided to share a few covers that I’m really into at the moment.

Gossling: Dance The Way I feel

Ben L’Oncle Soul: Barbie Girl

Angus Stone: True Colors

Yeasayer: Crazy

*Mum is moving to Australia, and is clearing out her house. I’d called her a few times yesterday to see what was going on, hadn’t heard back from her and was getting frustrated. Turns out, she’d lost both her phones and knocked herself out with a door. Poor mum. See, I’m a a dick.

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