Review: L’Oréal Elvive – New Extraordinary Oil


Lately* my hair has been pretty lacklustre – I’ve always had thick, coarse, somewhat dry hair, so I’m not expecting a miracle treatment that will suddenly give me the soft, fluffy hair my boyfriend (who hardly ever conditions) has (yes, I am ALL of the jealous). It’s just that recently, my hair has been kinda straw-like, so gross.

I was complaining about my wrecked my hair to a friend recently and I told her how I had tried a whole bunch of conditioners marketed for dry/damaged hair, and nothing was working – it still felt like straw, and it was still breaking off in chunks (she was pretty shocked when she felt it, it was dire). She had recently been given a few bottles of Extraordinary Oil from L’Oréal Elvive to try**, so kindly gave me one and wanted to know how/if it worked. 

According to the L’Oréal website their Extraordinary Oil contains the oils from 6 precious flowers, nourishes the hair from root to tip and is multipurpose (it can be used before a shampoo, as a hair mask, before straightening and as a finishing touch).

So, how did I find it? It was okay, although I probably won’t use it again. I used it every morning to style my hair, every second day before a shampoo and once a week as a mask, and it lasted three weeks (which is pretty good going for bottle of oil that costs NZD $20, I guess).

It definitely worked best when used to style my hair, the oils made it look shiny and masked the sorry state my hair was in which was great (anything is better than your hair looking as if it’s going to snap in half when the wind changes direction). It’s just that when I used it before a shampoo or as a mask, it was pretty hard to wash out and my hair would get all knotty and tangled, which wasn’t the best and my hair didn’t feel anywhere near nourished. It did leave my hair smelling amazing though, so that was nice.

I wasn’t expecting much, but considering L’Oréal says they have created “a perfectly balanced oil with a texture so absorbing that it instantly penetrates and adjusts to the specific needs of each hair type to provide perfect care” I was expecting a little more. It worked great when used to style and made my hair smell amazing, but it didn’t do much beyond that.

*Lately = August/September 2012. I found this post in my drafts, it had been sitting there for almost half a year.
** She had been given the bottles by soup, if you’re a New Zealander you should definitely check them out.
*** Post is not sponsored, opinions are my own.

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