Weekly Gratitude List



Here are some of the things that have made me smile this week, especially when I’ve felt like everything was just a bit too much (I suggest you grab a bucket because at least one of these things will be vomit inducing). 

•My Boyfriend: Yeah, I know total gag fest, right? He is awesome though, and I’m very lucky to have him. Who else would put up with me/be able to keep me sane when I’m having days where I just want to hulk smash stuff/people? I’ve had a few of those days this week; to be honest, I’m not sure how he does it.
•Good Weather: We’ve had a few shitty days this week, but for the most part we’re still having a decent summer. On Friday we walked down to the waterfront to get some coffee and watch some WW2 fighter planes flying over the city (I was so excited I burst into tears; I’m not even really into planes WTF).
•Bad Movies: On Thursday, I was beyond tired so we went to bed early and watched Lesbian Vampire Killers; it’s probably one of my favourite terrible movies
•Little Things: Swings (yes, my inner child is 5), cooking (yesterday I made chutney, and I’ve got some beef curry in the oven at the moment), good mail days (I got sorted food’s latest book in the mail last week, and on Saturday an egg cosie I won arrived; he is the CUTEST), family time, my mum, late night walks along the waterfront, candied bacon (OMGF SO GOOD), cups of tea, coffee; and the box of my grandmother’s stuff my dad gave me.

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