Weekly Gratitude List


I haven’t written or posted a gratitude list in a LONG time (just had a look through my tags the last list I posted was almost a year ago) , and I reckon the new year is a good place to start getting in the habit again. I’m also in a pretty bad mood*, and figure that writing a gratitude list will stop me concentrating on the negative and get me focusing on the positive.


•Summertime: Summer has always been my favourite season; the last couple of years, though, it’s been pretty shit (overcast, humid summers with hardly any sun are gross). I don’t wanna jinx it, but so far this summer has been awesome; we’ve definitely had some rainy, overcast, incredibly windy days, but I think the good days have outweighed the bad. It’s been great, summer makes my heart happy.
•Fun in the sun: I’ve definitely been making the most of the good weather we’ve been having. So far, I’ve taken a walk to the botanical gardens (we walked around for four hours, I thought I was going to die), been to the beach (my first ocean swim in years, I had forgotten how awesome swimming in the sea was) and have spent evenings walking around the waterfront with my boyfriend. The downside? Sunburn.
•Quality time with friends and family: I’ve been going to mum’s a lot recently; going through her stuff, and having lunch with her before she moves to Australia. I’ve also been spending time with my sister, nephew, dad and bff.
•New discoveries: While my boyfriend and I were at the botanical gardens I went to the cable car museum and the begonia house for the first time (the begonias were SO PRETTY, there was also pond full of fishes and lotus flowers).
•The Little Things: Lemon, lime and bitters (it’s been this year’s default summer drink), good coffee (had the BEST coffee in a very long time recently at a place called Scorch-O-Rama), Mac’ alcoholic ginger beer (SO GOOD), quiz starting again; and terrible, terrible music.

*Pretty bad is an understatement – ALL OF THE RAGE is probably more apt.


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