Weekly Gratitude List


I wasn’t able to post this on Wednesday as I was at my dad’s place* (I had an AWESOME time and definitely need to visit him more; especially during the summer). I have a lot to be grateful for this week, and I feel truly blessed. So, let’s get started.


heart.jpg-1Easy to cook (yet incredibly delicious) meals: I made (basically) a 3-ingrdient chicken on Friday and it was fucking amazing.
heart.jpg-1Caching up with my dad: Dad came into town on Saturday, so we had coffee and went for a little walk.
heart.jpg-1New coffee discoveries: I have no idea what a bongo is, all I know is that I like it, a lot.
heart.jpg-1Evening walks with my boyfriend around the city: I really need to get fit/lose weight.
heart.jpg-1Great weather: We’ve had awesome weather all week so far, and the weekend is supposed to be great as well.
heart.jpg-1The beach: My dad lives on Otaki beach, so I spent as much time there as I could while I was at his place (this included going down there at 7am to collect pipi).
heart.jpg-1Family photo time: Basucally, whenever my dad, sister and I get together we have to take photos of the three of us together.

*I took my laptop with me but dad had forgotten his wifi password

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