Weekly Gratitude List

I’ve got two weeks worth of awesomeness for you guys, seeing as I completely forgot about posting last week’s gratitude list*

heart.jpg-1Week 1: Drinks that live up to their names (I tried an ‘amazing‘ iced coffee, I was not disappointed), peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, the banana splits at Joe’s Garage, spending time with family, fresh smoked pipi for breakfast, my boyfriend (he bought me ear plugs so I would be able to sleep through the ‘sevens weekend‘; and early morning swims at the beach.

heart.jpg-1Week 2: My birthday dinner at Picke (I had a real low-key one this year, and had dinner with my boyfriend, my dad and his partner), incredibly thoughtful-yet-ridiculous birthday presents, Alan Davies’ show: Life is pain (it was fucking hilarious), pancake day, catching up with friends I haven’t seen in ages, lunch with my bestie, finding a chip shop that does gluten-free fish & chips, dinner on the waterfront; and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

*Time flies when you’re having fun, I’m sure there a lot of things I’ve missed out/forgotten.

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