2013 Goals Update


I have been super slack at this regular blog posting thing – I mean shit, my last post was in March… it’s now August.

I don’t have any excuses, really and I’m not going to defend myself because you probably don’t care. In the spirit of trying to get back into regular posting however, I’ve decided a good place to start would be a midyear goals update¬†

  1. Start (and complete) an ‘a photo a day challenge’
    Yeah, I haven’t updated in 5 months, I think we all know how well that went… I did do better than last year though, so that’s something.
  2. Learn how to play Doris
    I’ve learnt to play a shitty rendition of ‘happy birthday’, aside from that though Doris hasn’t really left her bag (sad, sad Doris). I really need ukelele lessons, anyone in Wellington know where I can go?
  3. Get a job
    Yes! I’ve been at my job for just over two months now – it’s fixed term and I’m hoping my contract gets renewed at the end of the year because I’m really enjoying it.
  4. Sort my passport out
    Not yet, will probably be getting on to this towards the end of the year, if not definitely the beginning of next year.
  5. Start planning/saving for a UK/Euro trip
    Hasn’t happened… we’ve gone unconditional on an apartment, so we’re buying a house instead!
  6. Get out of Wellington more often
    This year we have been to WOMAD, housesat for Phillip’s parents and spent the weekend in Auckland. We haven’t been out of town that much, but definitely more than we have in the past three and a half years.
  7. Get another tattoo
    Not yet, although I have been talking to a friend about getting matching tattoos… Also, I’m incredibly fussy.
  8. Write/blog more
  9. Cook/bake more
    I did a fuck-tonne of cooking while I was unemployed but I haven’t really had the time/energy since I’ve started working. I really need to set some time aside one weekend to make something delicious
  10. Read more books
    There are a few books I kind of want to read, but I’m scared they’re going to suck (I should really push the fear aside and just get to it)

Verdict: 3/10 – I’m counting the save for a London trip as being done, because saving for the deposit for a place/all the fees that come along with it is fucking insane.

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