A goal is a dream with a deadline (2014 goals)

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I’ve given up feeling as if I need to write a list of 10 things I want to accomplish, instead, here are a few things I REALLY want/need to do this year. 

  1. Find a permanent job – the role I’m currently in is fixed term until the end of March; I have a mortgage now (still somewhat surreal to say), so NEED to find something before I finish what I’m doing at the moment.
  2. Get out of Wellington more – I love this city, but I have Cabin Fever Like Whoa, and really need some time away. We’re going to Auckland for my birthday, and to Canada in July; I cannot wait.
  3. Save for Canada – I really need to stop spending money on crap I don’t need and set some funds aside for our trip to Canada. I’m planning on setting a certain amount of money aside each pay week and then transferring everything I haven’t spent into my savings account when I next get paid.
  4. Get another new passport – I (FINALLY) got a replacement passport for the one I lost (in 2004) in September when we were going through the process of buying our apartment, but our Canada trip has been booked under my married name, so I need to get a new one.
  5. Lose at least 10kg by the end of the year – I got weighed at the doctor’s beginning of last year, and it was the kick in the ass I needed to finally do something about my weight.
  6. Write/blog more often/on a regular basis – I think this has been a goal of mine for the past two years…
  7. Read more – This is another goal I’ve had for the past two years; I used to be SUCH a bookworm, I just have such a short attention span now, and if something doesn’t ‘grab me’ within the first page, I give up. If you have any recommendations you think might capture my attention let me know.
  8. Be less negative – the other day I posted on twitter that ‘constantly miserable was getting old’. I’m really sick and tired of being unhappy. Here’s to figuring out how to make that happen.


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