Even if the sky is falling down, I know that we’ll be safe and sound

Yes! It’s the middle of the week, which means ONLY TWO MORE DAYS OF WORK TO GO. Sorry for shouting, but you have no idea how glad I will be when this week is over. I think I was expecting this week to be a kind of ‘the sky is falling!’ type week or something, it hasn’t been that bad at all.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the things that I am grateful for this week: 

  • That it is the middle of the week; bring on the weekend!
  • For people who believe in me, especially when I don’t believe in myself.
  • for emails that turn up exactly when they are needed.
  • For hugs and talks when the stress and doubt get too much. Sometimes, I’m not sure how (or why) Phillip puts up with me, but he does. I’m pretty lucky.
  • That our cinnamon buns worked this time! They were great.
  • That I can afford to treat myself when I’m feeling low (even if it’s something small, although today I bought a YSL lipstick).
  • That I am not alone.
  • For good food (I am pretty sure that all my gratitude lists will mention food, because well, food).
  • For the Wellington Night Lights festival (lux), which brings some much needed light and brightness to dreary winter nights.
  • That I won a bag! I won it through an instragram competition our national airline’s fairy was running. Super stoked, and can’t wait until it arrives. Thank you Air NZ Fairy!!

See, lots of awesome things have happened this week! I’ll be glad when it’s the weekend though, as it will mean (hopefully) rest and seeing my niece!

Blog title: Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

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