Mid Week Gratitude List

I’m, not gonna lie, coming up with things I’m grateful for this past week has been a bit of a struggle. I’ve been so busy/stressed this past week that I’ve been forgetting to write things down in the notebook, and when I’ve remembered to do it, I’ve forgotten what’s happened. 

I did write a few things down though (and remembered a couple of things while we were having dinner this evening. I’m not sure how thinking “I should have instagrammed that!” after eating dinner, makes me think “oh, that happened too, and it was awesome”. It’s a thing, apparently). Here’s what’s make this past week a little less sucky.

  • Walking home in the rain: I LOVE walking home in the rain. There’s just something about the water hitting my face and getting in my hair that makes me know everything’s going to work out in the end. No matter how stressed I’ve been or how busy I’ve been at work, if it’s raining (and not windy, mind you, because sideways rain sucks) I always have a smile on my face. Does anybody else get that?
  • Friends with great makeup tips: I’ve recently started wearing makeup, and had tweeted about how I love practising at home, because it means no one else can see my eyeliner Fails. My friend Rochelle gave me the best advice:

    if you’re doing liquid – do tiny dots first then join until you get a steady hand also start from the middle then go from middle to outer – then back in that way the line is thicker at the end than near the eye

  • Breakfast for dinner: while we were in Toronto, we bought the Bunner’s Bakery Cookbook (if you’re ever in Toronto be sure to pay them a visit. They make the most amazing gluten free/vegan goodies), so this past weekend we made their waffles and cinnamon buns. The waffles were amazing, the cinnamon buns were good, but didn’t cook through properly, so we’ll be trying those again this weekend.
  • Doing the apartment up: we finished painting my office, and I have tested a colour I like on the bathroom wall. I’ve also been going through a couple of Interior Colour Inspiration guides we picked up at the hardware store over the weekend.
  • Little Things: Brunch and coffee with friends, my new pjs (super cute, the top says ‘coffee is my lover” and the bottoms say “I love coffee, I hate decaf”), finding new places in town to eat, and the super cute pens I got from iko iko.

So, even though it’s been a pretty stressful week there has been a fair bit of awesomeness happening. I guess I have to remember to focus on the little things, and take the time out to appreciate what’s happening around me, and stop living like this:

Never knew the cost of living worked without no play
System malfunction only when you’ve got sick days!
Ain’t got the time to smell the flowers where i roll
So I’m told 9-5 got to work to stay alive

Machine Talk – Che Fu


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