Weekly Gratitude List

Thank God it’s the middle of the week already. I don’t what it is but this week has kind of sucked, it feels as if this week has dragged on and on (and on, and you get the idea).

With that out of the way, here’s the things that have made the week bearable (and in some parts pretty damn awesome). 

  • We finished painting my office, and I am IN LOVE with the colour. So happy with it, that when I get home, instead of watching videos in bed, I want to hang out here blogging and drawing.
  • Homemade apple cinnamon ice cream – recipe from Hungry and Frozen. I’m a huge fan of apple and cinnamon as a flavour combination, and of ice cream so when I saw Laura had posted this recipe I had to try it, and it was amazing (seriously, amazing. I’ve had the recipe open on my browser since Saturday for the sole purpose of posting it here). We’re eaten it all, and I will definitely be making some more this weekend.
  • Catching up with the family – caught up with my dad, sister and nephew on Sunday, and it was great hanging out and telling them about our trip to Canada.
  • CANDY! We ordered some candy from United Sweets because they had Percy Pigs in stock, and decided to get myself some Candy Corn M&Ms while we were at it; I’ve eaten them all. SO GOOD.
  • This video (I was almost in tears):

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