Music Monday – Graeme James

music monday

Just over year ago, I met my husband for coffee on the waterfront after a job interview (spoiler alert: I didn’t get the job).

While we were there was a busker playing, and I’m not sure what I said to Phillip, but I think it was something like “HOLY SHIT! This guy is fucking awesome!”

Because, that voice, the looping, the instruments (an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, an electric violin and bass), and that beard. Seriously though, the guy is talented.

Graeme James – Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Graeme James – Walking On A Dream (Empire Of The Sun Cover)

Graeme James – Young Blood (Naked and Famous Cover)

See what I mean?! He’s currently in the process of producing his second album, but has hit a couple of setbacks, so has set up a kickstarter – it has 9 days to go, and has been fully funded, but I’m sure he could do with the extra cash (supporting his kickstarter campaign will also support the lovely people at my first ever job).

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