Review – Burger Wellington: Frijoles Fodongas Burger

Today we headed out to La Boca Loca in Miramar for lunch. It was Phillip’s first time there, I’ve been trying to get him out there since they opened, because they’re pork tacos are amazing. It’s a bit far out though, and was even more of a mission to get to before we got our car. 

La Boca Loca are one of restaurants that are doing a gluten free burger this Burger Wellington (it’s also vegetarian with a vegan option available). The burger is goat feta and a pinto beans sloppy joe in an organic blue corn gordita, served with a side of spicy wedges (they’re pretty spicy, and I like a lot of spice, so yeah).

when I first saw it on the menu, I wasn’t keen at all. I mean, when I think of a sloppy joe I think of a goopy mess spooned on to burger buns (you know, kind of like school cafeteria food), but decided to give it a shot anyway; I’m glad I did.

The sloppy joe was nowhere near as sloppy as I was expecting, it was more of a pinto bean pattie, and it was SO GOOD. The only downside for me. was that there weren’t enough wedges, but as I’ve said before, I have a weird obsession with fries, so there can never be enough wedges or fries.

Phillip was expecting a sloppy sloppy joe as well. so he got two courses from their Wellington On A Plate lunch menu instead; the venison canitas and the dessert. We halved the dessert and it was amazing, I thought it looked kind of small when it came out, but it was so rich that i wouldn’t have wanted to eat more than half anyway.

If you’re thinking of trying the La Boca Loca burger this Burger Wellington, do it! Don’t let the term sloppy joe put you off, because it is so good.

Rating: 10/10
Cost: $15

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