Review – Burger Wellington: The TK Royale

It’s Wellington On A Plate time again, which means it’s Burger Wellington time again too! Last year there was one gluten free option (I shat all over it; whoops) this year there are three. Last night, we went to Trade Kitchen to try the TK Royale.

The TK Royale is gluten free by request and comes with a PrimeStar beef pattie, smoked cheddar, Trade Kitchen picked gherkins and Harringtons bacon, and is served with a side of triple cooked fries. 

I had been wanting to try this burger since the menu was revealed (I think it was toward the end of June?) so I had high expectations. I can’t remember what it was about the burger that made me go “I NEED TO TRY THIS”, but cheese and fries were definitely up there. Because OMG melted cheese, and FRIES (I have a weird obsession with fries).

Considering how high my expectations were, I was kind of scared I’d get there and be let down. I’m not sure if anyone else gets this, but as far as good goes, if I have high expectations and they aren’t met, I get all of the sad. There is nothing worse than being let down by food.

My expectations were exceeded with this burger, and I completely demolished it in about five to ten minutes, and even though I was full I was all “that was so great, I’m full, but I kind of feel like having another one”

Rating: 10/10
Cost: $20

If you’re looking for a gluten free option for Burger Wellington, then I definitely suggest trying this one, it’s definitely worth the $20.00 SO GOOD.

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