Review: Dubar Amla Hair Oil

In my quest to find something (anything!) to bring a bit of life back to my dry, damaged, incredibly lacklustre hair I came across Amla Oil in the haircare section of the supermarket and decided to give it a shot. I mean, why not? My hair had gotten to the point, that if someone handed me a bottle labelled ‘snake oil‘, I’d probably try it. 

According to the bottle, Dabur Amla Oil combines the goodness of Indian gooseberries with a blend of vegetable and mineral oils to promote long healthy hair, and regular use can assist in reducing split ends and minor hair loss… So, y’know big things!

You apply about 10ml, massage to the hair and scalp and leave it in for about an hour, then wash it out with a shampoo for dry/damaged hair.

of course I was pretty skeptical, but as I said, I was willing to try anything (pretty much) at that point. I’m glad I did, because holy crap, my hair is in the best condition it’s been in for two years. This stuff is AMAZING.

I’ve been using it for just over half a year and will definitely buy another bottle when this one is finished. The only downside is the smell (it’s a pretty strong, and sickly sweet?), and gets everywhere (but that might just be me), so if you’re going to try it, I would suggest applying it while wearing a shirt you don’t care too much about.




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