Sick and tired of being sick tired

I’m still a bit sick, a little bit stressed, and as the title of this post suggests, over it. Right now I’m drinking some de stress tea with a bit of lime and a packet of lempsip mixed in with it; I’d rather be drinking gin.

Without going into much, work is SO busy at the moment. We were hoping that it would quieten down this week, but if anything it got busier; it’s also cold and flu season. So, I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit gross. Fuck, I sound so melodramatic right now. Enough with the complaining about things I can’t change, here are the things I’ve found help when I’m sick/a bit down 

  • Rest: I took yesterday off and napped quite a bit. I’ll be having an early one tonight because when I’m sick and/or stressed decent sleep is so important.
  • The Internet: Youtube and Netflix are lifesavers when I’m home sick.
  • Trashy magazines: I don’t read trashy magazines, unless I’m sick, or hungover. They’re great for when I’m curled up in bed and can’t be bothered thinking.
  • Drinking: I’ve been drinking a lot of fruit tea the last couple of days (all from t leaf T).
  • Healthy Eating: Eating healthy is a must when I’m not feeling the best. Yesterday I had a fruit salad with a can of orange flavoured sparkling water and this even we had a couple of hash browns with haloumi and salad.
  • Little gifts: Yesterday while at the supermarket I bought some DermaOil and I’m glad I did, because it smells SO GOOD. Today I bought a bag; it was a bit naughty, but I needed a bit of a pick me up. I’m thinking of doing another what’s in my bag post, so you guys might see what I ended up getting.




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