Summary of July 2014

Idea totally stolen from Alice, but I figure that it would be great way of getting me to post regularly (and to have something to look back at and to go “oh yeah, even though this sucked, THIS HAPPENED, and it was totally awesome!” rather than just continuing to focus on the negative). 

This month last year
Judging by iPhoto, I was newly employed so started spending money on things I had wanted for a while. We also spent a weekend house sitting for Phillip’s parents

Entertained by
SQUIRRELS! I had never seen one before we went to Canada, so spent a lot of time chasing them around parks, taking photos and videos of them (spot the tourist).

Some stuff from Sephora that I had wanted to try: some Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, the Too Faced chocolate palette, some Philosophy cinnamon bun shower gel (SOOOO GOOD), and Tarte cheek stain. I also bought a bunch of stuff from Holika Holika.

Our trip to Canada! We went to Toronto, and it was AMAZING (so many gluten-free food options, so many squirrels running around), I LOVED IT; so much so, that we’re thinking of applying for a the Experience Canada Visa next year and will definitely be going back for another vacation (I CAN’T WAIT!)

Oh, and I got Scott Dixon’s autograph. Swoon

Going back to work. That’s life though!

Looking forward to
Going back to Canada (I know it’s a while away, but it’s definitely something to look forward to), I also have a couple of milestone birthday’s coming up and a wedding to attend next month.

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