Update: Surgery and Endometriosis

I found this post in my drafts. I wrote it after I had surgery at the beginning of the year (for endometriosis, so if you get squeamish at the word ‘period’, don’t read this post). Yeah,  it’s been sitting here since January; my bad.

I was in hospital last week; the bulk of it doped up on painkillers. Funtimes. Hospital? Painkillers? Wait, what?! Last week I went in for explorative laparoscopic surgery to determine whether or not I had endometriosis, cysts and polyps. I’m not sure what, or how much the doctors were expecting to find; they found it all. 

I was booked for day surgery, what was supposed to be in-and-out the same day, ended up being two a two night stay instead. The first night was to monitor the pain from surgery as it took longer than expected, and I’m SO glad they made that call, because a) I could barely move and b) holy shit, when the painkillers started to wear off it hurt. The second night was because my body decided it hated me, which wasn’t fun.

How did I end up in hospital? I’ve always had a pretty shitty immune system (every cold, flu, throat infection, you could guarantee I would get it) as well as pretty painful periods. I didn’t really think much of either; I’d grown accustomed to period pain so bad I’d crawl into a ball crying with a hot water bottle and getting sick all the time.

Last year I noticed that in constant pain; I put off doing anything about it for about half a year, then decided I needed to get it checked out. A scan revealed polyps and an ovary that was quite a bit larger than the other one. I got referred to a specialist, who thought I could also have endometriosis and surgery was booked.

So glad I decided to do something about the pain, I’m looking forward to being pain free, even though I’ve gotten used to painful periods, it would be nice not crying in a ball once a month. Hopefully, the hormonal mood swings will settle down a bit too!


August Update:

It’s been just over 7 months since surgery, and I still get a bit bloated and crampy, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be. The hormones have also calmed down; apparently I’m a lot nicer to be around now – someone even commented that I no longer looked so strained in the face! Happy I bit the bullet and went to the doctor, because living life without periods that require more than paracetamol and all over the place moods has been great.

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