Making Being Sick Suck A Little Less

I took Thursday and Friday off work last week because I’m still sick (ugh, the lurgy that lingers). I went to the doctor on Thursday and I knew it was bed-rest before she said anything; the look in her eyes when she went to check to see how swollen the glands in my neck were said it all. My throat still hurts like hell at times, but I’m feeling a lot better than I was on Thursday and my nose isn’t blocked anymore, so, yay?!

I thought that for today’s post, I might share a few of my I’m sick essentials – I know I did a similar post a while ago, but this post contains my skincare essentials (riveting stuff, I know), so let’s get to it… 

Skincare: Pretty sure I’m still sick because I’ve been so stressed/run down lately, so my skin has been all over the place, it’s dry, it’s breaking out; I have no idea what it’s doing (I’m taking penicillin, so not sure if that has anything to do with it). Here’s what I’ve been using: Yes to Tomatoes, Clear Skin daily pore scrub (it helps with the break outs), Kiehl’s Creme De Corps (I am SO glad I bought this, it’s amazing, it’s a bit pricy, but I highly recommend getting some if you have the $ to spare), a hydrating mask and lip balm. If I’m going to be wearing makeup, I’ve just been using BB cream and a lip crayon, because I feel like I need a bit of colour, but don’t want too much stuff on my skin.

Vitamins & medicine: Aside from the penicillin, I’m also using cough drops (vick’s, because they were on special. Honesty, I should have spent the extra $ on strepsils), some garlic, horseradish + vitamin c tablets (I once ate a whole garlic clove when I was sick a few years ago, and never again, my entire body smelled like garlic; it wasn’t pleasant), and some ‘easy sleep’ tablets. I have also been making sure to carry some hand sanitiser around with me, because sharing germs isn’t nice.

Food: what would a post of mine be without mentioning food?, seriously though, I find that when I’m sick is when I tend to eat the healthiest. The past few days I have been eating a lot of yoghurt (my stomach is not happy with the antibiotics), fruit, nuts and vegetables (I feel sorry for anyone who raids my ‘snack drawer’ at work; it’s filled with almonds, cashews, rice crackers and fruit pots). I have also been drinking a lot of water and have some herbal tea with echinacea in my snack drawer at work as well, because keeping hydrated is a must!

Beating Boredom: Magazines, movies, TV, YouTube; anything that keeps me entertained but doesn’t require much thinking (I’ve been watching a lot of crime TV and romantic comedies…)

What are your at-home-sick essentials? Anything you think I missed, or that I (and others) should know about? Anyway, I think, I’m going to take a bath, get into bed with a cup of tea and watch some Doctor Who now. It’s fairly early, but I’ve been so tired since I started back at work yesterday.

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