Summary of September 2014

Summary of August 2014

This Month Last Year:
We farewelled a family friend, my niece was born, I had a shitty throat infection and ‘The Ponds’ left Doctor Who (still bitter about that ending tbh).

Entertained By:
The x-factor NZ audition ads that have been on TV. They’re funny as hell, but you gotta hand it to them for trying to pronounce Māori place names. For some reason, I can’t embed them – so check them out here: RedFoo (LMFAO), Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Rouge Traders) and Ronan Keating.

I splurged a bit this month and bought a couple of things that were quite pricey, (Karen Walker sunglasses and some Kiehl’s skincare products – I had been wanting to try the Creme De Corps for a couple of years, and OMG, it’s amazing). I also spent money on drugstore makeup, sunscreen (it’s feeling like we might have a decent summer this year fingers crossed) and lots of food (but hey, it’s me, so of course I’m going to be spending money on food).

Doctor Who and the Tucker’s Law clip from The Thick of it (Warning: LOTS of swearing, possibly NSFW)

Listening to:
Don’t Tell ‘Em – Jeremih

This month has been great, I can’t complain really. A few standouts have been my niece’s first birthday (it was great catching up with family I hadn’t seen in years), brunches with Phillip. dinner with my dad, sunny days and dog cuddles.

33% non voter turn out for this year’s election (that’s not counting eligible voters not enrolled).

Looking forward to:
Brunch this Sunday with Charloni (sorry, but your ‘couple name‘ is just too cute).

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