The Weekly Gratitude List

I’m posting this a day early, as I won’t have the time to do it tomorrow. I’ve been pretty tired/stressed/busy this past week so have been forgetting write down things that I am grateful for. That doesn’t mean it’s been all gloom & doom/the sky is falling type shit though; some pretty awesome things have happened, here are a few… 

What would a weekly list of ‘ a whole bunch of awesome stuff happened this week’ post be without food?! Seriously though, I LOVE food and good food makes me happy, there’s nothing wrong with that is there? On Saturday it was my niece’s first birthday and I had Tongan food for the first time in years; it was SO good. On Sunday we went out for lunch and I had a soda and tomato and avocado on toast with a couple of poached eggs on the side. It turns out avocado, tomato and poached eggs on toast is pretty (very) awesome, and I ended up having it for dinner that night as well.

My niece’s first birthday:
It was my niece’s first birthday on Friday (the past year has flown by so fast, I can’t believe she’s one already, it seriously feels like yesterday that my brother told me his partner was pregnant by showing me the bottle of vitamins they had brought from the pharmacy that day) on saturday she had her party. It was great catching up with family I hadn’t seen in years, and my husband got lei’d (hehehe, I don’t think that will stop being amusing),

This past week I got a free gift with purchase when I bought some Nation Products, and it was great because I got a few full sized products I had been wanting to try for a while; some I will definitely buy again, and others I won’t purchase (so I’m glad I got to try those for free. I also bought a moisturiser I have been wanting to try for quite a while (Creme De Corps by Kiehl’s) and the woman at the counter gave me a whole lot of samples that I will definitely be trying. Last but not least, I bought the Jua Natural Perfume by Trilogy. this stuff smells amazing (it’s all for a good cause, and you should definitely check out so they can).



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