Weekly Gratitude List


I usually have photos to accompany my ‘weekly gratitude list‘ posts, but I haven’t taken many photos this week so don’t have anything visual to share (sloppy, I know). I don’t want to post something too text heavy, so have decided to post five things that have me happy/I am grateful for so far this week 

  1. Catching up with family – Had dinner with dad on Wednesday (it was why last week’s post was a day early), hung out with one of my sisters on Thursday and talked to mum (briefly, to wish her a happy birthday) on Friday.
  2. Surprise gifts – My husband bought me some mocha chocolate while he was at the supermarket; I love it when he does little things like that (also, the chocolate was amazing, I would have eaten the entire block then and there, but too much coffee males me hyyyyyyper).
  3. Peter Capaldi as The Doctor – I wasn’t too sure about him at first, but his performances in the last two episodes have been outstanding.
  4. Sorting out the storage in my office – I bought some of those ‘cubbyhole’ type shelves and I am in love with them, everything looks so neat and cute in them.
  5. Food – This week I have been loving tamari roasted almonds (SO FREAKING GOOD, seriously where have you been all my life?!), buffalo milk yoghurt and coconut yoghurt with lemon curd.

That’s it for this week, hopefully I’ll have some photos to share with next week’s post!

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