Weekly Gratitude List

Weekly Gratitude List

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has been having a great (or at least good) week. Here are a few things that have made me smile this week 

Top (l-r):

  1. Harry, isn’t he the cutest?
  2. Cuddles with Harry (aka bae), I fell asleep cuddling him on Sunday morning.
  3. The littlest shop collectables from New World. The pineapple is my favourite by far

Middle (l-r):

  1. The weather the past couple of days. The weekend/Monday was pretty shitty, so it was awesome when the sun came out yesterday.
  2. My new sunglasses! They’re Karen Walker and were a bit pricey, but I am in LOVE.
  3. My bird dress! It’s my favourite summer dress, a woman at work commented on how she loved it, and when I turned around she was wearing the same one!

Bottom (l-r):

  1. Post election coffee
  2. Kumara bubble and squeak from Lido, it was amazing
  3. Bakeworks gluten free muffins. HOLY SHIT.

Listening to: 101 90s R&B Anthems, this mix brings back memories of being a teenager listening to music in my bedroom surrounded my posters of Dru HIll, Aaliyah, Total and Immature (pretty much every inch of my wall was covered in posters).

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