A Photo An Hour

I hope you’re having a good weekend, it’s Labour day in New Zealand and we’re house sitting, so I can’t complain (long weekend and animals! SCORE).

Seeing as we’re away, I figured it would be a great time to do a photo an hour post, I’ve always wanted to do one of these, but feel that my day-to-day life is pretty boring (I work in an office, and currently spend my weekends painting walls, so nothing exciting).

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to today.

7:00 AM: An unimpressed dog on the couch, he gets the mega sads when his people go away. They’ll be home soon, don’t worry.

8:00 AM: Taking the dogs for a walk in the rain.

9:00 AM: If it wasn’t so damn cold outside this dog would be getting a bath, because she smelled SO BAD.

10:00 AM: Getting ready for the morning,.

11:00 AM: A (delicious) gluten-free lammington from The Goodness of Food cafĂ© in Carterton. This place is amazing, I make a point of coming out here whenever we’re house sitting.

12:00 PM: In the car while Phillip fills up the tank; looking the sky, you would never have guessed how shitty the weather was in the morning.

1:00 PM: A cup of spiced berries herbal tea in the sun

2:00 PM: I got a bit bored, so I decided to catch up on some Blogging 201 prompts that I didn’t have time to do during the week (this week has been ridiculously busy).

3:00 PM: Bored again, so I decided to say hello to Polly. She’s helping me get over my fear of horses; I used to be so scared going up to her and patting her by myself.

4:00 PM: Had a late lunch and some ice cream – this was salted caramel and cashew. SO GOOD.

5:00 PM: Time for some fruit; I went for a few grapes and a mandarin.

6:00 PM: Potatoes on the stove for dinner! We had mashed potatoes and gluten-free vegetarian sausages.

7:00 PM: Taking the dogs for their evening walk.



    • Kahurangi says:

      I’ve never been to Tauranga, but definitely want to check it out sometime :)

      We’re not vegetarian, but are cutting down on the amount of meat we eat. We don’t eat that much of it, but I’ve found that when I have it, I get sad/bloated; so have been shopping around for glutenfree/vege alternatives :)

      • thenoveilst says:

        Yeah, Tauranga was quite lovely, near the ocean. I used to get a lot of bloating, even with other food items. It’s all about seeing what works or doesn’t work for your body :)

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