Instagram Roundup

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a great weekend, I’m a bit bored and a little stressed at the moment, but that’s not really new is it? I’m so happy that it’s a long weekend, but also not, because work has started to get busy again, and short turnarounds for certain jobs is stressing me out. Apparently, I just smile it away though, which is a good thing? I guess?

Anyway, I have decided I’m going to post regular instagram round ups; I’m thinking weekly at this stage, but I’m not sure. My day-to-day life isn’t very exciting and I usually only post between 3 – 5 pictures a week; hardly enough to warrant a weekly feature, but we’ll see.

I’ll also be posting pictures from my instagram feed that I love, because sharing is caring, right? Also, because I follow some pretty awesome people and you should check them out.

Instagram Roundup

instagram roundup

1. Lunch this week 2. GF lammingtons 3. GF orange and rosewater cake.
4. Picking lavender 5. Making a lavender simple syrup 3. Lemons
5. Reading recipes for summer 6. Camel balls (I’m immature) 5. A house bus

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