Life Update

Lately, I’ve been feeling as if I haven’t let you guys see much of the real me. I’ve been blogging regularly, but I haven’t really shared too much of what’s happening in my life. So I decided it might be nice to do a life update of sorts, and share a bit of what’s currently going on.

life update

At the moment we’re painting/doing up our apartment, we painted my office a while ago and started on the bedroom in the weekend. I absolutely LOVE the feature wall (it’s the wall behind the bed, I don’t know what it is but the colour makes me so happy; I could stay in here forever if I could), so far, we’ve only painted the one wall (and a bit of the ceiling) but hopefully we’ll get more done this weekend and I’ll have some more photos to share with you.

I’m not sure how long it will take to paint/fix things around the apartment – we’re going painting every room, and will be fixing a few things around the place as well (bathroom tiles, sealing the bath again fixing the kitchen cupboards etc). 

We’re also in the process of moving to Canada (if all things go to plan). I’ve mentioned how much I loved Toronto while we were there, and how much I want to go back to Canada, but haven’t really said any more than that. I’m scared I might jinx it, so decided that not saying anything was the would probably be best until we found out for sure, but I don’t think I can contain my excitement/nervousness for much longer.

We’ve filled in our application forms and will be sending them off tomorrow, so now, all we really do is wait and hope everything works out (God, I hate waiting, patience is not a virtue I am familiar with).

We’re hoping to get back to Canada mid next year, and while I have my heart set on Toronto we’ll probably end up in Vancouver at first because a) that’s where the tech jobs are (for Phillip) and b) it’s cheaper and easier to get home if it all turns to shit and/or I HATE the Canadian winter.

The reason we’re doing the house up is because if we do go, we’re looking at either selling or renting (not sure yet), and want it to look good for the people who end up moving in…

That’s pretty much all that’s going on at the moment, and it’s weird because I feel that while there’s a lot going on (major life changes, busy every weekend), at the same time not much is happening at all…

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