My Office/Desk Area

I’ve wanted to post a check out how awesome my desk/office space is kind of post for a while; as soon as we finished painting the walls pretty much. Lately though, I haven’t been feeling this room enough to share it with you (I was in love with the colour when we first painted it, but after painting our bedroom, it’s feels kind of meh).

This weekend I decided to re-arranged some things and make this room feel a little bit more ‘me’, so here we go!


This is probably the tidiest my desk has been  in a  in long time. While I was tidying/taking photos for this post, I was catching up on some Season 9 Bones episodes I missed. I’ve always loved Bones, but I wasn’t feeling Season 9 at all (anyone else kind of over it?)

On the wall I have a cork-board with a few necklaces, some rings hanging off of it, a cute card from my sister in the UK, a photo of my in-law’s dog Harry (seriously, he is my favourite) and a blackboard.

Underneath the chalkboard I have three jars, these are filled with candy corn, candy canes and pen. I was eating some candy corn earlier, so good (Phillip says he hates them, but is always stealing them out of the jar).

Next to the Jars is a box filled with post-it notes and washi tape; my phone holder sits on top of the box. I have my phone holder on top of the box, so my phone is out of the way while I’m at my desk but I can see any notifications that pop up.

Next to some cubed shelves is a night-light, a first aid kit and a stack of notebooks that I use for jotting down blog ideas.

Next to my laptop I have a weekly planner; I use this to keep track of blog posts for the week and to write down anything else that I want to remember (doesn’t always happen. I just saw that the Tennyson Street Fair was on today – totally forgot about that).

Thanks for letting me share my office space with you, If you feel like making a desk/office post as well, leave me a comment with a link and I’ll check it out.

Oh! before I go, the other day I saw my blog had hit 100 WordPress followers – thanks guys, it really means a lot.


    • Kahurangi says:

      That’s usually what my desk is like to be honest – my desk at work is sooooo bad.
      We’re in the process of doing up our apartment, so I’ve figured now is the time to try to be organised ;)

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