Today I Swear I’m Not Doing Anything

lazy day

Yesterday my husband went up to his parent’s place to help with some computer troubles they were having. I stayed at home by myself, not because I dislike my in-laws (I like them, a lot), it’s just that we’ve been so¬†busy lately that I’ve felt like I’ve needed a break/some time to myself for a while (yay introversion). I’ve also been hormonal as hell this past week, which didn’t help (I took a couple of my pills late and my body let me know about it).¬†

Deciding to stay home was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a while; I’m the most rested and relaxed I’ve been in a long time, and thought I would share how I like to spend those at-home-by-myself days.

Comfy clothes: I spent the day in leggings and an oversized t-shirt I got from Mirrou, and it was great! Leggings are my go to when I’m having a lazy day, so comfortable (if you’re in New Zealand and live near Mirrou store, check them out, unfortunately they’re only based in the North Island, and as far as I can tell you can’t order online).

Lounging around in bed: I spent a good few hours before getting up lounging around in bed listening to upbeat pop mixes on spotify and 8tracks. Nothing like upbeat music to start of the day to get you in a good a good mood.

Being kind to my skin: When I finally decided to roll out of bed, I washed my face using some of the kiehl’s samples I was given and used this purifying mask by Evolu; my skin is loving me for it. I also had a relaxing bubble bath, which was really nice.

Reading magazines and catching up on TV shows: I don’t know what has happened to me; usually when I’m having a lazy day/sick day I read trashy women’s magazines. Not this time around, during my lunch break on Friday I bought the latest copy of Your Home and Garden and spent a great deal of time looking through the pages, thinking about colours I could paint the rest the apartment and coveting home decor items (currently obsessing over this pineapple lamp). I also caught up with Season 3 of New Girl (I missed a couple of episodes and decided to wait until they were on Netflix and then binge watch it, anybody else do that?).

Cleaning: I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE cleaning when I’m home alone. I guess that it’s because no one else is in my space irritating me when I’m trying to clean. I can also blast whatever music I like and dance around the house like a maniac (not that I don’t do that when Phillip around),

Today we spent the morning shopping for things for the apartment (if we do end up moving to Canada, I’ll give it away or donate it), but if everything falls through and we end up staying here the apartment will be filled with lots of colour) and have spent the rest of the day painting our bedroom – well Phillip has, I kind of suck at it, so I’ve been blogging…

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend, or have at least found some time to unwind.

Title from: The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

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