Weekly Gratitude List

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well; mine’s going okay, I don’t know what it is, but the last few days have kind of sucked (hormones? stress? whatever it is, it sucks!)

So what better time than to share the things that have gone well this past week, because it can’t all been doom & gloom, and I’ve found that writing down the things that are going right/I’m grateful for generally makes me feel happier, so here we go!


Top (l – r): I painted a wall, and I did it properly and didn’t rush (me doing something properly and not rushing? It surprised me too; I was pretty pleased with myself and had to take a selfie in front of my handiwork), finally getting to hang my sister’s wedding present; it’s only been a year (not quite, but still), and scented candles on a dreary day (cinnamon bun candle by village candle, it’s fucking amazing)

Bottom (l – r): I tidied my office, and now my it’s is starting to feel more ‘me’, getting excited about summer and reading lots of delicious summer recipes (I plan on making many batches of ice cream this year), and the great weather we’ve had the past couple of days.

Other things: thinking about bipedal cat people with opposable thumbs as a possibility in another galaxy (the idea makes me squee, and yes, I know, I’m weird), running into Leonie during my lunch break, finally getting another bottle of the Lewis Road Creamery/Whittaker’s chocolate milk (it’s been sold out everywhere) and knowing that next week will be a short one because this weekend is Labour Weekend.

That’s it for this week, hope you all have a good one.

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