What’s In My Bag – Spring 2014 Edition

Man, I’m such a dork! Instead of importing the photos for this post to iPhoto from my sd card, I imported one and deleted the rest. Thankfully Phillip figured out how to get them back, so here are!

We’re officially a month and a half into spring and I figured that now would a great time to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post and share what I’m currently carrying around with me.

what's in my bag

I’m currently using two bags, the first is the Kardashian Kollection bag I posted about a couple of months ago. I really like this bag; it’s cute, big enough to hold what I need on a day-to-day basis without being too bulky and has a bit of colour (I’m trying to steer away from the Wellington mantra of all-black-all-the-things).

Here’s what I usually have in it (sans phone, and keys because I completely forgot about them; I also sometimes carry my camera around with me, but that’s usually during the weekend):

  • my wallet
  • sunglasses (they’re usually in the case)
  • a makeup bag that I got as a free-gift-with-purchase when I bought some Natio skincare products
  • my grumpy cat journal
  • a pen

Here’s what’s currently in my makeup bag:

  • strepsils (because I’ve been a bit sick lately, yes, sick again)
  • advil (because I have an inflamed chest wall* and there’s stuff all I can do about it except for take ibuprofen and not over exert myself)
  • sunscreen (we’ve had a few stunner days and I burn like there’s no tomorrow)
  • a sample pot of Kiehl’s ultra face cream
  • a bath and body works hand sanitiser
  • lip balm
  • My doctor figured out I had an inflamed chest wall by pushing down on it; fucking hell that hurt. Good to know that the chest pains I was experiencing weren’t anything major though!

The other bag I’ve been using is a small cross body bag with cat ears that I got from Mirrou (I keep telling myself that I’m not like Jess from New Girl and then go apeshit when I see a bag with cat ears. Seriously though, Phillip refuses to watch the show because apparently, it’s just like living with me and he gets enough of me as it is). Here’s what’s usually in it (minus my ATM card, because I don’t want you stealing my secrets, or money).

  • my phone (iPhone 6, don’t worry, I haven’t bent it)
  • sunscreen
  • a sample pot of kiehl’s ultra face cream (I have two of these)
  • lip balm
  • a pen
  • some post-it notes
  • my keys

So, that’s what I’ve been carrying around recently, if you decide to do a what’s in my bag post leave me a comment with a link to your post and I’ll check it out!

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